Poly mailer - 24" x 24"

Poly mailer - 24" x 24"


Box of 225 Heavy weight 2.5 mil, double adhesive strip to facilitate easy returns. Material includes plant based bioplastic resin, biodegrades if littered.

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  • High quality, high performance. 

  • Strong and tough, with excellent seal-ability and shelf life.

  • Available with a double adhesive strip to facilitate customer convenience for returns.


  • Made using bioplastics, putting less petroleum in our landiflls.

  • Contains GMO-free, renewable, plant-based material.

  • Lowers carbon footprint verified by independent Life Cycle Assessment


  • Courier Bags are accepted as a cost effective alternative to fossil fuel derived PE conventional Courier Bags


  • Opportunity for product differentiation, a unique competitive difference

  • Opportunity to increase companies environmental sustainability profile

  • Available with custom two-color stickers to identify your company.


  • Recyclable in the conventional plastic recycling streams.

  • No change to current recycling practices. Independently verified.


  • This product has an excellent shelf life; but should it be accidentally littered they will quickly degrade and biodegrade into CO2, H20 and biomass.  Meets ASTMD 5964